Can You Make Your Penis Bigger?

The topic of increasing your penis size is something that many men across the world feel obliged to search up. Often times you’ll come across exercises that claim make your penis larger in size but it’s impossible. There’s no exercise on this planet that can help you grow a bigger penis because there’s no muscle there to develop. (So if you come across any products that claim to grow the penis via exercise, you should know that they simply do not work).

bigger-penis-underwearHowever, despite the fact that there’s no scientific backing to support growing the penis, there are a few key options which you may want to consider if improving the quality of your erections and sex life is something you need to do. Carry on reading to discover what exactly works and what doesn’t.

What Causes An Erection?

An erection is caused by a flow of blood making its way into what’s known as the corpora cavernosa. The amount of blood that is able to enter this area determines how large and hard the penis becomes. So, the corpora cavernosa is responsible for putting a limit on how much blood can enter the penis. You may now be wondering about whether or not this part of the penis can be enlarged…

Technically, if you are able to expand the corpora cavernosa, an increased amount of blood will be able to fill up the penis and as result, it can become bigger and harder when erect. So how do you approach this?

How To Enlarge The Corpora Cavernosa


Pumps are among one of the most common methods that people take up when looking to increase their penis size. Over the years, the development of these sorts of tools have only gotten better and better.

An increasingly large amount of users are reporting that they are noticing great results by using it. There are essentially two main penis pumps available on the market which have proven themselves to be the most reliable options. The two companies are Penoment ( and Bathmate (

Using the pump on a regular basis can be effective at making the corpora cavernosa be able to hold more blood. A fair amount of vacuums need to be carried out with what’s known as the pump cylinder to cause any difference in penis size. People who have enlarged their penises via this method rarely ever have to use the pump again as the effects last for a very long time. For some, they can be permanent.

If you were thinking about taking supplements to grow your penis, you should know that the corpora cavernosa cannot be enlarged by solely using pills. Although, certain natural supplements can boost your libido which leads to an improved sex drive and larger erection. Ensure that you pick natural ones which do not cause any negative reactions.

wow-penis-sizeShould You Make Your Penis Bigger?

In a nutshell, if you do not have any issues in getting an erect penis and you consider your size to be average, the answer is no. There’s no real reason for you to take any of the aforementioned measures since they can be quite drastic.

However, if you are finding that you’re struggling to get an erection and your overall sex life is suffering because of it, trying out the penis pumps or libido encouraging supplements may be your only viable option.

Having said that, these options should be considered as a last resort. A lot of the time, weak erections can be due to a poor lifestyle or mental issues. You should make sure that you have exhausted all of these options as they’re very likely to work. If you are forced to use pills or pumps, ensure that you do so in a safe manner.



Male Enhancement, Facts & Fiction

First let’s expel the myth that male enhancement is simply all about expanding the length and girth of the penis in order to amplify the sexual experience. This definition is totally inaccurate! The male sexual experience is not just about size; it is, as it states, about enhancement.

Male enhancement is a ‘treatment’ with an aim to enhance, enrich and heightening sexual sensation.

The stereotype image of the rampant male is often not appropriate nor helpful to those poor souls who have lost interest in routine sex or, quite simply, are having trouble getting ‘it up’. This can deliver a serious blow to the male ego, leading to feelings of inadequacy and even depression.

Impotence (erectile dysfunction), is usually a symptom caused by some unrelated psychological disorder such as stress. Although the problem could lay in some physical disruption.

The first port of call for anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction is the GP!

Just a simple check-up and chat.


Do not take any remedies without seeking your doctor’s advice; the doc may well prescribe a fix for some physical problem or more likely to recommend Viagra. There’s certainly been plenty written on the effects of Viagra, suffice to say Viagra is not for everyone, there can be uncomfortable side effects.

So male enhancement remedies are only for those with erection problems?

Not so, enhancement ‘treatments’ are also regularly used by men as an effective means of ‘spicing-up’ their sex lives; enriching the sexual experience. Reviving that flaccid penis is certainly an aim for many but for others it’s all about the ‘spice’ factor.

So, to reiterate, male enhancement is concerned with the heightening of sexual pleasure and is, although helpful to cure impotence, not intended as a program for penis enlargement!

A male enhancement program can:

  • Fire up a lack lustre sex drive
  • Firm up an erection
  • Loosen inhibitions
  • Increase endurance and even
  • Increase sperm production for a longer more intense orgasm

Which male enhancements are most effective?


Let’s be honest, as with most things in life, it’s a case of ‘horses for courses’; somethings work for some but not for others.

So let’s visit some of the options.

For starters, male enhancements come in many forms! From familiar looking tablets to creams, gels and a wonderful array of sex toys!

  1. PILLS

Most enhancement pills are natural supplements, unlike Viagra, which is a pharmaceutically produced tablet; with Viagra it’s a case of one tablet for one erection!

Natural supplements however tend to benefit the overall health of the body, providing nutrients, vitamins etc. whilst cultivating overall sexual well-being.

Natural supplements can be long term beneficial and often attain immediate sexual enhancement for both sexes.

  1. GELS

Well, gels really are a most effective stimulant; a tantalising, fun part of foreplay perhaps? The mere application of a gel can alone heighten the sexual experience; even better if the gel has extra stimulating, erection stiffening ingredients!

Some gel products offer a quick fix, others are longer term with perhaps greater overall health benefits.


What are these? I hear you say. Volume enhancers increase your semen production making for longer ejaculations and extended orgasm. Now that’s a real enhancer!

Usually volume enhancers come in tablet form, to be taken daily or as a quick fix just before sex. The tablets will no doubt contain beneficial healthy elements such as zinc, vitamins etc. administering long term to the wellbeing of the body.

  1. SEX TOYS etc.

This is an option often overlooked in the male enhancement debate. Sex toys can definitely spice up any relationship.

The amounts and variety of products is just mind boggling. Fancy dress for role play, pumps, straps, electronic stimulators, DVD’s and many other often ingenious and eye popping gems. Whatever floats your boat!

Having fun in the bedroom is a fantastic way to stimulate a great sexual experience.

choose-the-best-productHow to choose the right enhancements from the right supplier

Sadly and inevitably there are always sharks in the water. Be careful where you source your products; there are a few dodgy dealers around!

Always check out your online supplier’s credentials before making any purchase:

  • Read on-site customer reviews
  • Has the company been in business for some time with a good track record?
  • Heed personal and/or professional recommendations i.e. your doctor or endorsement from other such professionals
  • Does the company offer a support/help service?
  • What guarantees do they offer?

Once you’re happy with the supplier only then place an order; to begin with order a modest amount, this will give you a chance to try a product and check out the company’s delivery times, packaging and possibly back-up support.

Are there dangers or side effects from taking male enhancing supplements?

The answer is a cautious ‘no’, supplements are natural and not pharmaceutical. However no matter, always take advice from your GP, many of us have intolerances to everyday foods, so there’s no absolute guarantee that you won’t have an allergy and reaction to an ingredient generally regarded as harmless.

Final note

On the flip side, ‘premature ejaculation’ can also be a problem for some; again check out the relevant web sites, consult your GP and decide upon an appropriate supplement, there are plenty available.

Also let’s not forget, it takes two to tango; an enhanced stimulated male will, almost inevitably, excite and increase the sexual experience for his partner too!

Are male enhancement products safe?


Yes. Because male enhancement products are natural, they are very well-tolerated. Male enhancement is substantially safer than penis enlargement surgery. Having said this, look for a product offered by a company with a long track record, with multiple doctor endorsements and client testimonials.

Do Penis Pills Really Work? What They Can Do For You? Should You Try Them?

In this article, we take a look at the penis pills, some of the benefits of using them, and if they are for you.

Penis pills are something which have been around for decades and while a lot of men use them, it isn’t something which many people like to talk about. Although they are more commonly used among older men, there are many men under 30 who depend on them. Today we are going to be looking into some of the reasons for using sex pills and how they can benefit you in regard to your sex live and sexual health. So, let’s jump right in!

With the way society is evolving, the demand for a bigger, better, and harder penis can put a lot of pressure on us to perform. As much as your girlfriend may say that she doesn’t care, the truth is that you could probably have a more satisfying sex life if you were able to have a harder erection, sustain an erection for longer, and delay your ejaculation until she was completely satisfied.

This is what good dick pills—that is, male enhancement pills—can potentially bring you. They’re certainly not miracle potions and they may take awhile to deliver all of their effects, but if you’re looking to bring your sexual performance to the next level, you may want to take a look at what they have to offer.

Now, the world of male enhancement products is confusing. No doubt, you’ve probably been faced with a million spam emails from God-knows-who trying to sell you sketchy products. Those aren’t the sorts of products we’re going to discuss today. Today, we’re just going to outline a general overview of penis pills, their benefits, and what you can hope to get out of them.

What Are Penis Pills?

First, let’s talk about what “penis pill” even means. There are lots of products out there that claim that you’ll grow 17 inches in three days, but that’s not really what we’re talking about. We’re talking about easy to use daily supplements that you can take to enhance the health of your penis in a safe way.


How these sorts of supplements can help you?

  • Erectile problems. Because of lifestyle choices and environmental issues, more and more men are experiencing erectile problems. This can even happen to young men. Problems can include having weak erections, having trouble maintaining an erection during sex, or even not being able to achieve an erection at all.
  • Sperm production. If you’re concerned about your fertility, male enhancement supplements can help your vitality and in turn help increase your sperm count. Though this doesn’t make much of a visual difference in performance, supplements can also sometimes help you increase the volume of your semen, which can look very impressive to your parter. High semen volume is a sign of youth and vitality.
  • Premature Ejaculation. On the other end of the spectrum, lots of guys get excited a little too quickly. Though there’s nothing wrong with that, it can end sexual encounters too soon and this can make sex less enjoyable. Dick pills like these can help you last longer in bed.


How Do They Work?

Penis pills work by offering a certain combination of nutrients that can supercharge your sexual health. The formula differs depending on the specific brand, so each brand is going to be effective for different kinds of problems. For example, one brand may be better at helping you get hard erections, while another brand might focus on helping you last longer in bed. Some brands offer multiple benefits as well.

How to Use It


Generally, you take these supplements daily, or multiple times per day. Some erection pills require that you take them up to two or three times per day. It really depends on the specific brand and its formula.

Whatever you do, however, do not overdose! Just because something is 100% natural, does not mean that it is 100% good for you in any dose. Too much of anything can be bad for you, and taking too much of the supplement in order to “speed up” results is a bad idea. You will get much better results by simply having the daily habit of taking the exact dosage recommended by the manufacturer.


How to Choose the Best One for You

Choosing the right male enhancement supplement can take a bit of research because you have to pick the best brand that caters to your needs. You might have to even try a few different kinds before you find the one that works for you. This is totally normal, so don’t be discouraged if you have to try a few times to find the supplement that fits your body the best. Here are are few things to keep in mind when doing your research, though:


– What is your specific issue? Are you looking for male enhancement pills because you have premature ejaculation problems and you want to last all night long? Do you have a hard time getting or keeping an erection? Do you want to increase your sperm production? Whatever it is that you need, you should make this a priority. Look at reviews and see if the hard on pills that you’re looking at have helped other men with this exact problem.


– Does the company look legit? It’s unfortunate, but lots of male enhancement products are junk—that’s just the way things are. The trick is finding the ones that actually will make a difference in your life. You can do this my researching and checking online reviews before you buy. Also, most legitimate companies will offer a guarantee anyway.


– What are the ingredients? You don’t want to just put anything in your body, so make sure to read all of the ingredients before you buy a bottle of pills.


– What is the price? Just like anything else, you don’t want to overpay. Compare different brands and see what they have to offer. If you realize that two brands are basically the same, but that one is cheaper, why not save money?


What Results to Expect

After you have been using them for awhile, you will soon begin to experience effects. Once again, the timing really depends on the supplement, but at the very least you should sense something different in the bedroom after a few weeks. If nothing is happening, you can usually return the pills. (This is why it’s important to buy from a company that offers a guarantee.)


The effects you experience will depend on the dick pills that you get.

If you get a general male enhancement supplement, then you should start to notice that you last longer in bed, that your erections are stronger and stay hard longer, and that your semen volume may even be higher. Sometimes the pills may also help you gain size.


Penis Pills Waring: Possible Side-Effects

The side-effects that you could have from penis enhancement pills totally depends on the brand and type of supplement. They all have different ingredients and some of them target different sexual problems altogether. Since they’re usually fairly mild and natural, there aren’t a lot of side-effects to worry about as long as you only take the recommended dosage and no more.



Penis pills are a great way to enhance your sex life if you feel that anything is lacking. A lot of guys these days have erectile problems or premature ejaculation, and finding the right pill for you can help you overcome these types of issues. Just make sure to do your research and make sure that the supplement company looks legit and that none of the ingredients will disagree with your body.


Don’t Worry About Your Penis Size and Shape – Advice on How to Have Great Sex with Small Penis

In this article, we take a look at some of the best advice out there for having great sex when you have a smaller penis.

Having a penis which is smaller than average can be very discouraging when it comes to having sex, especially with modern day standards which men have set for themselves.


Penis size is one of the most concerned things among men and it’s something which makes a lot of men self-conscious.

However, a small penis does not limit you when it comes to having great sex unless you let it do so. With this in mind, today we are going to look at some of the best advice available when it comes to having great advice, specifically when you have a smaller penis.

Forget About It

Although this may be difficult to do, especially if it’s something that you’ve been worrying about for a while, focussing on the fact that you have a small penis will only harm you. Constant thoughts won’t make it bigger so instead, focus on providing your partner and yourself with great sex.

Girls Don’t Care

Prior to belief, girls don’t care as much as you might think about penis size. If they do, then they aren’t worth your time and you’re better looking elsewhere.

Try Different Sex Positions

Trying out different sex positions with your partner will allow you to find a position which is not only new and exciting, but which will allow you to get deeper than before, thus providing your partner with deeper sexual simulation than before.

Press More Focus onto Foreplay

So, maybe you consider yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to having sex. If this is how you feel, focus on what happens before you have sex. If you work on your foreplay and your partner can appreciate this, then you will both have a more enjoyable time and they will not care about your “lack of length”.


Experiment with one another and discuss both of your negative aspects. Everyone has something that they are unhappy with about themselves, and if you are aware of something that your partner is unhappy with and similarly, they are aware of what you are unhappy with about yourself, you will both be able to enjoy the sex more. By knowing this about one another, you are able to relax more by knowing that you aren’t the only one with negative traits.

Introduce Toys

If having a small penis makes you feel as though you aren’t able to fully satisfy your partner, try introducing toys into the bedroom.


By doing this, you are able to deeper fulfil your partner sexually while feeling as though you are doing so. Furthermore, introducing toys into the equation can make sex a much more exciting activity and can make it more enjoyable for both involved.

Have Fun

Last but not least, have fun with your sex. Reiterating from before, rid your mind of any negative thought towards having a small penis. Simply get in the mood, care for your partner, and have fantastic sex with one another.

To Conclude…

When it comes to having a small penis, it really isn’t something which is worth the trouble. If you focus on having a small penis and consider it an issue, then it will be an issue. However, if you are comfortable with this and are actively working on your self-confidence, you’ll be able to enjoy sex a lot more than ever before.

Weak Erections? Faith the Man’s Nightmare (5 Reasons & How to Beat Them)

It has been identified that more than 30 million guys who live in United States suffer from weak erections. In fact, most of them find it as a hard task to maintain an erection that is required for sexual intercourse.


Plenty of reasons have contributed towards weak erections among men in today’s world. Here is a list of the most prominent reasons out of them along with the steps that you can take to get back your erections.

  1. Diabetes

Various health conditions can lead you towards weak erections. Diabetes holds a prominent place out of them. According to healthcare professionals, men who are suffering from diabetes are three times more likely to have wear erections when compared to the men who don’t have diabetes. This fact has been proven from a research that was conducted by National Institute of Health as well. When you are affected with diabetes, the sugar levels in your blood are not regulated. As a result, small blood vessels and nerves could get damaged. Therefore, all the men who are affected with diabetes should take necessary measures in order to control their food habits and sugar intake.

  1. Depression

More than 60% of the men who are suffering from depression will have to experience weak erections. This fact was extracted from the journal of Cleveland Clinic Foundation. The biochemical components associated with depression can affect how your brain cells stimulate the flow of blood to your penis. As a result, you will not be able to get good erections.

On the other hand, weak erections can worsen the symptoms of depression as well. Therefore, people with depression should go for immediate treatments before the things get out of your control.

  1. Smoking

There is a strong relationship in between smoking and weak erections. In fact, almost all the men who smoke over 10 cigarettes a day will have to experience weak erections. Smoking injects a variety of harmful chemicals and toxins to your body. These toxins get mixed with your blood stream. As a result, your brain will not be able to send signals to the penis and cause solid erections in an effective manner. Smoking can not only create an impact on the firmness of your erections. It can also cause issues with your penis girth.

  1. Stress and anxiety

When you feel stressed, a hormone called cortisol is released within your body. It has been identified that the increased levels of cortisol can reduce testosterone levels inside your body. When your testosterone levels are low, your libido would get affected. As a result, you will have to experience weak erections. It can also make it a difficult task for you to achieve orgasms during sexual activities.

Therefore, it is important for the people to figure out the reasons that cause stress.

Once you figure out the reasons, you can take necessary measures to reduce it in a convenient manner. In fact, people who are dealing with stress should take immediate actions in order to get rid of it. Otherwise, stress would cause a vicious cycle, which is difficult to escape. In order to deal with stress, you need to make it a habit to ask for help, focus on problem solving, engage with regular exercises, drink and eat sensibly, relax yourself with yoga and meditating, take responsibility over life situations, access your beliefs and make sure that they are right and maintain a healthy outlook. These things can assist you to eliminate stress in your mind and get rid of weak erections.

  1. Genetic and hormones

Genetic issues can also lead you towards weak erections. On the other hand, there are some hormonal conditions that can make a man suffer from weak erections. Hypogonadism is a perfect example to prove the above mentioned fact. This hormonal condition affects the production of testosterone, which is also known as the male sex hormone. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can also cause weak erections. That’s because too much of thyroid hormone and lack of thyroid hormone produced in the body can create an impact on the blood flow to your penis. Cushing’s syndrome can increase the cortisol hormone production within your body, which can minimize testosterone production.

If you are suffering from these genetic and hormone related issues, you can think of seeking the assistance of a healthcare professional. Or else, you can use male enhancement supplements and products available in the market such as penis pumps in order to have hard and satisfying erections.


Don’t be shy – 5 tricks to make her craving sex with you

From the recent studies, it has been identified that most of the guys are concerned about the size of the penis. In fact, people who have smaller penises feel shy when it comes to sexual activities with their partners.

However, you don’t need to worry about anything even if you have a small penis.

Here is a list of 5 tricks that you can follow in order to make your partner want to have sex with you. All the guys who are worried about the penis size can think of following these 5 tricks to experience effective results.

Turn her on with the help of your touch


You can simply turn on your partner with your touch. You just need to hold her hand in a firm manner while maintaining eye contact. Holding her hand for about 10 seconds can assist you to make her craving sex with you. In other words, girls turn on when you hold the hand in a confident and relaxed manner.

You should never rush to let her hand go.

This masculinity and confidence would definitely make her feel girly in front of you. On the other hand, she would get the feeling about you as a charming guy. You can also hug your girl and make her feel relaxed. Then you can touch all over her body slowly. You need to be careful not to rush at any moment.

Interact appropriately to make her feel attracted sexually

In order to have sex with a girl, you need to make her feel attracted to you sexually. The sexual attraction of a woman is based on the things that you do and say in here presence. For example, your conversation style has the potential to turn her on.

When you interact more and more with your girl and make her feel attracted to you, she would get the need to have sex with you. You don’t need to think twice before you flirt with her. Flirting can create a spark in between you and your partner.

On the other hand, you need to be masculine in the presence of your partner. You need to show it through your conversation style, vibe, energy and body language. These methods can easily assist you to make your partner have sex with you.

Let her know that you see her sexy


It has been identified that most of the ladies don’t consider them to be 100% beautiful. That’s because they compare their beauty with the airbrushed and Photoshopped images of ladies on advertisements. You can take advantage of this and make your girl feel that she is sexy.

You just need to say “WOW! Look at yourself. You look so sexy today”.

These words can assist you to make your girl turn on. In fact, the word “sexy” would assist you to feel her sexiness. However, you need to be careful enough in order to tell these words in a polite tone.

Develop sexual tension


Sometimes, you don’t need to do anything in order to make a girl feel horny. That’s because of the sexual tension. If you can build up sexual tension in between you and your partner, you will not have to go through any hassle in order to have sex with you. Sexual tension can simply be defined as the feeling that makes a man and a woman attracted to each other. It is influenced by the external circumstances and environment as well. Engaging with an enjoyable foreplay for a couple of minutes can be considered as the most convenient method available for you to build up sexual tension. Then she would get the need to release the tension by having sex with you.

Let the girl know that you are thinking about her.

All the women love to keep the attention of their partners. You can take advantage of this nature and make your girl feel that you are thinking about her at every single time. If you are out of home, you can simply send a text messaging, saying what you would do if you were there by her side.

You can also be flirty and playful with a hint of dirty. Then you can closely observe her responses. If she is ready to take it to a deeper level, she would definitely let you know. However, you should never rush for anything.

9 Secrets All Men Should Know About Sex and Love

Who says that sex and love cannot go along? You can have the best sex with your significant other. Love usually comes along. Chemistry has lots to do with it, but chemistry will not be enough to sustain a long-lasting relationship. You have to act and continue to build your relationship. To do so, here are 9 hot tips for sex and love.

  1. The Secret of a Good Kiss


Everything will start with the first kiss. You have to print enough passion to every further kiss to make her feel as if it was the first. The secret is to transmit the need of having her all the way. It has to be passionate. To hold her tight when you both are kissing will enhance the sensations and you will have the chance to get playful and move forward.


  1. So, you are about to do it…


You felt for this girl, and you are about to do it. What should you do? Good sex is all about passion, and the first time can be scary. You are just learning to know each other, and none of you is sure of what to expect. To make it an unforgettable time, take the initiative and fill her with care. She might be as nervous as you, so shake it off and help her relax. Move slowly and feel her movements. She will let you know the moment she is ready. To chat is a good idea before and after. During that moment, it might kill all the inspiration.


  1. After Sex


The worst thing you can do after sex is to get up, go to the bathroom or start getting dressed. You will kill the magic of love and will trash out everything you’ve accomplished with sex. You have to learn to enjoy the moments after sex. To hug her, caress her slowly and stare or talk are good ideas for the after sex. It can get better and just be the preamble for the second round!


  1. How to get her to Fly


A man feels he has really conquered a woman when he can take her to the stars. Make your woman fly to the moon with a real and long lasting orgasm. She will surrender to you completely if you can make her feel the seamless sensations of an orgasm. To effectively do so, touch her long before you get to the actual coitus. Once you feel her coming, take the excitement further by caressing her favorite spots. You will know where they are by the unconscious and inevitable gestures she will show when you get there.


  1. Be the Hero


Most women will fall out for that man –even if he is made out of metal– which proves to be the hero. You need to show some confidence to take that role. Then, probe you worth of such title. Be gentle and show her your appreciation at all times. Be there for her, and you’ll turn into her hero in no time.


  1. A Significant Connection


Love is about making a meaningful connection. Even if you are just in your living room, you have to feel as if you were in front of the sea on a heavenly beach. To take you there, there must be a significant connection, which is not something you can fabricate. It exists out of affinity and chemistry. Look for affinity to find your right chemistry match.


  1. The Abstract Illusion


To give good sex to a woman is all about the abstract illusion of taking her away to a trip of orgasms. You have to learn to get her attention while you are playing before sex and drive her out of whatever thoughts are on her mind. If you can let her feel only instead of thinking, that will be the best aphrodisiac you can give her. You will be rewarded with a feminine intuition for love making you have never seen before.


  1. The Hug in Bed


Love is about expressing feelings for the other person. It is the simple things, like a hug, and the really meaningful things in a relationship. A hug is a transcendental part of it, and it lets you feel and share with your significant other. When you just hug while you are naked, It is also a good way to start caresses to those parts of the body that are typically ignored. You can begin to play with her body at unusual places, and she’ll just go crazy about it.


  1. The Secrets of Love are not carved in Stone


There is no love secret carved in stone. Be creative at all times and don’t get trapped by routine. That is the fastest way to kill love and to get trapped into emotionless sex that will destroy your relationship. Be playful at all times. Erotic games are there to rekindle the flame of love. Don’t get paralyzed to become the solid rock that will destroy your relationship. Constant change is the ultimate secret you should know about sex and love.