9 Secrets All Men Should Know About Sex and Love

Who says that sex and love cannot go along? You can have the best sex with your significant other. Love usually comes along. Chemistry has lots to do with it, but chemistry will not be enough to sustain a long-lasting relationship. You have to act and continue to build your relationship. To do so, here are 9 hot tips for sex and love.

  1. The Secret of a Good Kiss


Everything will start with the first kiss. You have to print enough passion to every further kiss to make her feel as if it was the first. The secret is to transmit the need of having her all the way. It has to be passionate. To hold her tight when you both are kissing will enhance the sensations and you will have the chance to get playful and move forward.


  1. So, you are about to do it…


You felt for this girl, and you are about to do it. What should you do? Good sex is all about passion, and the first time can be scary. You are just learning to know each other, and none of you is sure of what to expect. To make it an unforgettable time, take the initiative and fill her with care. She might be as nervous as you, so shake it off and help her relax. Move slowly and feel her movements. She will let you know the moment she is ready. To chat is a good idea before and after. During that moment, it might kill all the inspiration.


  1. After Sex


The worst thing you can do after sex is to get up, go to the bathroom or start getting dressed. You will kill the magic of love and will trash out everything you’ve accomplished with sex. You have to learn to enjoy the moments after sex. To hug her, caress her slowly and stare or talk are good ideas for the after sex. It can get better and just be the preamble for the second round!


  1. How to get her to Fly


A man feels he has really conquered a woman when he can take her to the stars. Make your woman fly to the moon with a real and long lasting orgasm. She will surrender to you completely if you can make her feel the seamless sensations of an orgasm. To effectively do so, touch her long before you get to the actual coitus. Once you feel her coming, take the excitement further by caressing her favorite spots. You will know where they are by the unconscious and inevitable gestures she will show when you get there.


  1. Be the Hero


Most women will fall out for that man –even if he is made out of metal– which proves to be the hero. You need to show some confidence to take that role. Then, probe you worth of such title. Be gentle and show her your appreciation at all times. Be there for her, and you’ll turn into her hero in no time.


  1. A Significant Connection


Love is about making a meaningful connection. Even if you are just in your living room, you have to feel as if you were in front of the sea on a heavenly beach. To take you there, there must be a significant connection, which is not something you can fabricate. It exists out of affinity and chemistry. Look for affinity to find your right chemistry match.


  1. The Abstract Illusion


To give good sex to a woman is all about the abstract illusion of taking her away to a trip of orgasms. You have to learn to get her attention while you are playing before sex and drive her out of whatever thoughts are on her mind. If you can let her feel only instead of thinking, that will be the best aphrodisiac you can give her. You will be rewarded with a feminine intuition for love making you have never seen before.


  1. The Hug in Bed


Love is about expressing feelings for the other person. It is the simple things, like a hug, and the really meaningful things in a relationship. A hug is a transcendental part of it, and it lets you feel and share with your significant other. When you just hug while you are naked, It is also a good way to start caresses to those parts of the body that are typically ignored. You can begin to play with her body at unusual places, and she’ll just go crazy about it.


  1. The Secrets of Love are not carved in Stone


There is no love secret carved in stone. Be creative at all times and don’t get trapped by routine. That is the fastest way to kill love and to get trapped into emotionless sex that will destroy your relationship. Be playful at all times. Erotic games are there to rekindle the flame of love. Don’t get paralyzed to become the solid rock that will destroy your relationship. Constant change is the ultimate secret you should know about sex and love.