Can You Make Your Penis Bigger?

The topic of increasing your penis size is something that many men across the world feel obliged to search up. Often times you’ll come across exercises that claim make your penis larger in size but it’s impossible. There’s no exercise on this planet that can help you grow a bigger penis because there’s no muscle there to develop. (So if you come across any products that claim to grow the penis via exercise, you should know that they simply do not work).

bigger-penis-underwearHowever, despite the fact that there’s no scientific backing to support growing the penis, there are a few key options which you may want to consider if improving the quality of your erections and sex life is something you need to do. Carry on reading to discover what exactly works and what doesn’t.

What Causes An Erection?

An erection is caused by a flow of blood making its way into what’s known as the corpora cavernosa. The amount of blood that is able to enter this area determines how large and hard the penis becomes. So, the corpora cavernosa is responsible for putting a limit on how much blood can enter the penis. You may now be wondering about whether or not this part of the penis can be enlarged…

Technically, if you are able to expand the corpora cavernosa, an increased amount of blood will be able to fill up the penis and as result, it can become bigger and harder when erect. So how do you approach this?

How To Enlarge The Corpora Cavernosa


Pumps are among one of the most common methods that people take up when looking to increase their penis size. Over the years, the development of these sorts of tools have only gotten better and better.

An increasingly large amount of users are reporting that they are noticing great results by using it. There are essentially two main penis pumps available on the market which have proven themselves to be the most reliable options. The two companies are Penoment ( and Bathmate (

Using the pump on a regular basis can be effective at making the corpora cavernosa be able to hold more blood. A fair amount of vacuums need to be carried out with what’s known as the pump cylinder to cause any difference in penis size. People who have enlarged their penises via this method rarely ever have to use the pump again as the effects last for a very long time. For some, they can be permanent.

If you were thinking about taking supplements to grow your penis, you should know that the corpora cavernosa cannot be enlarged by solely using pills. Although, certain natural supplements can boost your libido which leads to an improved sex drive and larger erection. Ensure that you pick natural ones which do not cause any negative reactions.

wow-penis-sizeShould You Make Your Penis Bigger?

In a nutshell, if you do not have any issues in getting an erect penis and you consider your size to be average, the answer is no. There’s no real reason for you to take any of the aforementioned measures since they can be quite drastic.

However, if you are finding that you’re struggling to get an erection and your overall sex life is suffering because of it, trying out the penis pumps or libido encouraging supplements may be your only viable option.

Having said that, these options should be considered as a last resort. A lot of the time, weak erections can be due to a poor lifestyle or mental issues. You should make sure that you have exhausted all of these options as they’re very likely to work. If you are forced to use pills or pumps, ensure that you do so in a safe manner.