The song “Send me out” by Steve Fee says, “I want to be your hands and feet, want to be your voice every time I speak, want to run to the ones in need, in the name of Jesus.”

As I give to others, I use my hands to serve Him.  We all do it. When we help someone, it’s like we become the hands of Jesus to that person.  We act on His behalf, because it’s what He wants us to do.

If I travel to help someone or drive to the other side of town to lend my time at a shelter or pantry, my hands become tools to serve God. My hands carry things. They hug friends. They pat backs.  My hands search through the Bible and dial the phone.

Imagine the joy we feel when we operate within God’s grace, when we use what He’s given to us to accomplish His goals.

My hands also type words.  They may type words of blessing or words of harm.  Those words may point people toward Jesus or lead them away from Him.  Your hands do this too.

With this in mind, how can you serve God on the Internet? How can your fingertips become fingertips of faith?


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