Brave Teaser Poster from Disney/Pixar

The hottest new movie for summer is the Disney/Pixar creation Brave.  So, what happens when the magic of Disney mixes with the family central Pixar point of view?  One wild family with a touch of magic thrown in to keep things interesting.

If we compare it to other Disney movies, the magic comes across lighter than shows like The Little Mermaid or Snow White.  If we compare it to other Pixar films like Toy Story, it feels darker, or scarier.

What does this mean to me as a parent?

The team at Disney Pixar created a film which emphasizes the strengths and weaknesses of moms and daughters. It encourages listening to one another and working together.

In order to get to this ending, we see many boy catching moments including one seriously scary bear and one highly silly (definitively feminine) bear.  We catch a short glimpse of several adult male naked rear ends and the backside of some naked triplets. These same triplets cause chaos and mayhem wherever they go. Though we see none of this visual, the creators of the film definitely let our imaginations run when the bear boys take a dive down a buxom maid’s cleavage to retrieve a key.

With BRAVE, We get a family film with a dad who’s present, who knows and adores all his children. We get a mom who gives her energy, time and devotion to her children, occasionally losing her temper.  We also get to discover how she regrets losing her temper.

Having spoken to a few young boys after I viewed this film, it does bring enjoyment to both boys and girls, while giving a strong image of both mom and daughter.  Merida displays bravery with a bow, but other types of bravery come into play within this film too, for mother, daughter, father and sons.

This film emphasized kindness between mother and daughter.  It’s so easy to become centered on our own way of thinking.  I know this truth too well.  We each dig in and want to do things our way.  Much yelling can be part of this story.  The team which created Brave used the symbolism of unchangeable life choices to help a mother and daughter learn to listen to one another.  They even figured out how to make a change and seek forgiveness.

I can’t help but recommend it because of it’s the solid message to moms and daughters.  I’ve never been a big fan of the Disney style magic, but this one comes laced with so much humor, it went down easier.  If you have children under the age of four, nightmares could be a possibility.  The scary bear effectively startles the audience,  we see him die in the end.  (A little parental FYI.)

If you also tend to swerve away from the magic stuff, a little education of your children could be helpful.  Information on things like will-o-the-wisps, or the meaning of fate or destiny will prove helpful.

My youngest daughter rates the things she likes by her fingers.  I give this one 8 fingers up.  Pixar’s history made my expectations bigger, but I still loved it.


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