How to Be Patient in an Impatient World

Bus stop by DennisM2 (Creative Commons)

Patience doesn’t come easily for some of us.  We rush through mealtimes, and speed down roads as if they were race tracks.  We want to be patient but knowing where to begin feels like trying to make a cake by starting with frosting.

How can we do it?

I recently asked some friends if they ever pray for patience, they responded with fear.  Many stated if we pray for patience, we get our patience tested.  Is that true?

Does our patience only get tested when we ask for help? Or, do we notice our failings more because we want so badly to change?

If you want to become one of those patient people we all respect so much, here are some steps to help you succeed:

1. Know Where You Want to Go

What does patience mean to you?  to other people?

Quotes on Patience – What other People Say

What does patience mean to God?

The Difference Between God’s Patience and Ours

What Do Walt Disney and God Have in Common?

2.  Ask for Help

Despite the fear looming overhead, God can help.

Do You Have the Patience to Pray?

In Family Bedlam – A little Prayer Goes a Long Way

God Hears You

Where’s the Will?

My Sunday Morning Mantra

3. Believe In God’s Ability

Hope Helps, Even When It Takes Time

Appearance is Deceptive

Tough to Give, Great to Get

4. Practice Makes Progress

  • In Our Marriage

Try,try again…In the Bedroom?

  • With our Kids

Help Kids Learn to Wait, and Like It

Brothers and Sisters

Mamas Don’t Let Your Teenagers Grow Up to Leave Church

  • Online

Internet Patience, Does It Exist?

Telling the Truth Online

Sight versus Site

  • With Ourselves

Stupid, Stupid, Stupid

Are We There Yet?

When Will It Happen?

Mommy Moments

When Life Sucks

5. Keep Trying, No Matter What

Wait a Minute

Patience on the Road


Help us learn to serve you better.  Which step connected most with you? Which one is the toughest?

















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