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No matter what your opinions are of this organization, there’s some serious history here.  Focus on the Family started by family psychologist James Dobson in 1977.  It is a Christian nonprofit organization which provides practical tools, spiritual resources and emotional support to families at every stage of life.

They have a strong voice which many people desire to hear on and offline.

As a social media nut, I help churches and individuals build their communication skills online.  I search for organizations and individuals who create strong communication online and these guys do.

I was flipping through the various people I like on Facebook and came across this comment from the Focus On The Family Facebook Page:

In your opinion, what’s one essential for a good marriage?

To this one, simple question, they received 2602 responses, 2584 “likes”, and 259 shares.


I read many sites and this beats them to the ground.  By comparison, on the Walmart Facebook Page, when they posted a new picture for the Dog Days of Summer, they received 1472 “likes” and 99 comments.

Granted, this isn’t scientific, but….

What did the comments say?

I went through every comment and discovered certain commonalities, the top three are here:

#1. G0d/Jesus

#2. Communication

#3. Trust

(other contenders:  love, forgiveness, laughter, respect, prayer, friendship, honesty, and commitment)

Here’s the Facebook Page, you can see for yourself.

Now it’s your turn.

In your opinion, what’s one essential for a good marriage?


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