Male Enhancement, Facts & Fiction

First let’s expel the myth that male enhancement is simply all about expanding the length and girth of the penis in order to amplify the sexual experience. This definition is totally inaccurate! The male sexual experience is not just about size; it is, as it states, about enhancement.

Male enhancement is a ‘treatment’ with an aim to enhance, enrich and heightening sexual sensation.

The stereotype image of the rampant male is often not appropriate nor helpful to those poor souls who have lost interest in routine sex or, quite simply, are having trouble getting ‘it up’. This can deliver a serious blow to the male ego, leading to feelings of inadequacy and even depression.

Impotence (erectile dysfunction), is usually a symptom caused by some unrelated psychological disorder such as stress. Although the problem could lay in some physical disruption.

The first port of call for anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction is the GP!

Just a simple check-up and chat.


Do not take any remedies without seeking your doctor’s advice; the doc may well prescribe a fix for some physical problem or more likely to recommend Viagra. There’s certainly been plenty written on the effects of Viagra, suffice to say Viagra is not for everyone, there can be uncomfortable side effects.

So male enhancement remedies are only for those with erection problems?

Not so, enhancement ‘treatments’ are also regularly used by men as an effective means of ‘spicing-up’ their sex lives; enriching the sexual experience. Reviving that flaccid penis is certainly an aim for many but for others it’s all about the ‘spice’ factor.

So, to reiterate, male enhancement is concerned with the heightening of sexual pleasure and is, although helpful to cure impotence, not intended as a program for penis enlargement!

A male enhancement program can:

  • Fire up a lack lustre sex drive
  • Firm up an erection
  • Loosen inhibitions
  • Increase endurance and even
  • Increase sperm production for a longer more intense orgasm

Which male enhancements are most effective?


Let’s be honest, as with most things in life, it’s a case of ‘horses for courses’; somethings work for some but not for others.

So let’s visit some of the options.

For starters, male enhancements come in many forms! From familiar looking tablets to creams, gels and a wonderful array of sex toys!

  1. PILLS

Most enhancement pills are natural supplements, unlike Viagra, which is a pharmaceutically produced tablet; with Viagra it’s a case of one tablet for one erection!

Natural supplements however tend to benefit the overall health of the body, providing nutrients, vitamins etc. whilst cultivating overall sexual well-being.

Natural supplements can be long term beneficial and often attain immediate sexual enhancement for both sexes.

  1. GELS

Well, gels really are a most effective stimulant; a tantalising, fun part of foreplay perhaps? The mere application of a gel can alone heighten the sexual experience; even better if the gel has extra stimulating, erection stiffening ingredients!

Some gel products offer a quick fix, others are longer term with perhaps greater overall health benefits.


What are these? I hear you say. Volume enhancers increase your semen production making for longer ejaculations and extended orgasm. Now that’s a real enhancer!

Usually volume enhancers come in tablet form, to be taken daily or as a quick fix just before sex. The tablets will no doubt contain beneficial healthy elements such as zinc, vitamins etc. administering long term to the wellbeing of the body.

  1. SEX TOYS etc.

This is an option often overlooked in the male enhancement debate. Sex toys can definitely spice up any relationship.

The amounts and variety of products is just mind boggling. Fancy dress for role play, pumps, straps, electronic stimulators, DVD’s and many other often ingenious and eye popping gems. Whatever floats your boat!

Having fun in the bedroom is a fantastic way to stimulate a great sexual experience.

choose-the-best-productHow to choose the right enhancements from the right supplier

Sadly and inevitably there are always sharks in the water. Be careful where you source your products; there are a few dodgy dealers around!

Always check out your online supplier’s credentials before making any purchase:

  • Read on-site customer reviews
  • Has the company been in business for some time with a good track record?
  • Heed personal and/or professional recommendations i.e. your doctor or endorsement from other such professionals
  • Does the company offer a support/help service?
  • What guarantees do they offer?

Once you’re happy with the supplier only then place an order; to begin with order a modest amount, this will give you a chance to try a product and check out the company’s delivery times, packaging and possibly back-up support.

Are there dangers or side effects from taking male enhancing supplements?

The answer is a cautious ‘no’, supplements are natural and not pharmaceutical. However no matter, always take advice from your GP, many of us have intolerances to everyday foods, so there’s no absolute guarantee that you won’t have an allergy and reaction to an ingredient generally regarded as harmless.

Final note

On the flip side, ‘premature ejaculation’ can also be a problem for some; again check out the relevant web sites, consult your GP and decide upon an appropriate supplement, there are plenty available.

Also let’s not forget, it takes two to tango; an enhanced stimulated male will, almost inevitably, excite and increase the sexual experience for his partner too!

Are male enhancement products safe?


Yes. Because male enhancement products are natural, they are very well-tolerated. Male enhancement is substantially safer than penis enlargement surgery. Having said this, look for a product offered by a company with a long track record, with multiple doctor endorsements and client testimonials.