Last month our theme was  “Peace.”  We all seek peace in our lives.  It’s so prevalent, we find peace signs on everything from kids socks to graffiti and tattoos. We often lack the patience to believe it’s possible for God to bring this amazing experience into our lives or we rely on others to make it happen instead of Him.

Peace sign fingers by alrin_muya (Creative Commons)

Like learning anything, it takes time to get good at a new thing.  Guitar players practice their skills to improve.  Artists practice.  Heck a doctor’s office is called his “practice.” Ironic don’t you think?

The best way to begin to see and experience God’s peace in our lives is to start, to practice. It’ll take patience to keep trying and striving, but this is true for anything worth doing.

How can we start?  

Whenever we want to grow in some area of our spiritual life the best place to start is prayer. If you aren’t sure how to start, heare are some prayers or prayer ideas to give you a place to start.

Prayer 1                    Prayer 2               Prayer Idea 1                    Prayer Idea 2

To find the peace God wants to give, we need to dig into His word and see exactly what He says on the matter.

Check out these ideas:

Become a Peacemaker

Do You Mind?

Healthy Body, Happy Body

As we pray and read the Bible, we discover how our desire for peace stirs our emotions.  I wrote a few articles about these.

 Angry Much?

 Do You Have Anxiety?

Are You Stuck in Chaos?

Then, through patience and persistence, we will begin to experience His peace in our marriage. We find…

Smooth Sailing

He uses my garbage to build His garden.

We become willing to bring it.

God’s peace will pervade our parenting style, though it will take time.

He helps me to wisely discipline.

We learn peaceful approaches in the midst of a fight, even if it feels like our kids are at war.

Even though we long to be their best friend.

Peace will wrap itself around us wherever we go.

At the movies:

Parenting, Peace, and the Hunger Games

At work/with friends:

The Day After

When thing seem their worst:

My Peace, His Pain

No matter what anyone says:

Quotes on Peace

Jesus’ kind of peace doesn’t look like the symbol we see on street signs and clothing, but it reaches inside our hearts and affectots our whole life.  It makes us feel like:

It is Well With My Soul

He’s a Radical, Intense, Foot Stomping Savior

It’s possible to Live in Hell and be Happy.


May the peace of God be with you today.

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