Money, Money, Money

A Stack of Hundred Dollar Bills (

We sweat for it.

We dream of more.

We believe in the options it provides.  Or at least, we believe it provides.

To us it means,

freedom to choose.

a nicer home.

a better car.

a new cell phone.

more nights at the movies.

little league.

fancy dinners, where we don’t have to cook.

dance classes.

designer clothes.

free time.

music and dancing.

When it gets waved around, it grabs our eyes like a flashlight on the floor to a dog.

How do I know?

The Lottery, Game Shows, Contests, Give-Aways.

Like the insatiable belly of a sugar addicted baby, we want it more and more and more.

Such passion, such drive.  It’s our treasure.

It becomes like a god to us.  

Want to test your faith in Christ? Decide to trust Him with your money more than you trust yourself.  It’s evidence of the love and trust you have.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21

Is it tough to trust God with your money first? Why?

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