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My sweet friend, this time of year stresses people out across all arenas.  School wraps up, new schedules form, we stop something old, start something new.  We plan parties, attend sports, take trips.

The expectations are high.  If budget is low, the stress builds.  Here’s my prayer for you.

Lord God Almighty,

  You knew us before our lives began.  You know what excites us and stresses us. You see our hearts, our desires, our dreams.  Help us to realize Your presence in our daily lives because we see the details of Your creation, we meet Your kind people, we enter Your presence as we venture to church gatherings.  As we see and give smiles and genuine handshakes, high fives, or hugs, may we believe and embrace Your kindness in our lives.  

  In our dog eat freshly made pot roast world, many people or companies long to devour us, make us a statistic, use our vote or our money.  Help us to know the difference You make in our world and in ourselves.  Help us to live, give and know kindness today.

In Jesus’ name we pray,


If you struggle with knowing God’s kindness in your world, I want to help.  Please contact or email me,  Let me know, how can I help you? Do you feel like no one cares, God does and I do, let me help.


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