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Have you heard the expression connected with K.I.S.S.?  “Keep It Simple Stupid.”

Do you remember the good old days when it was only guys who felt as if they didn’t understand women?  Now, if we’re completely honest ladies, we just don’t always understand them either.  If we did our divorce rate wouldn’t be sky rocketing.

After all, it takes at least two to toss the minivan in a lake.

Let’s keep this couple thing simple shall we.  For the next few weeks, on Tuesdays I’ll be running a K.I.S.S. post.  It will contain something simple you can do to improve your relationship with your spouse, whether you’re male or female, these tips will help.

Today, we’re talking about talking.

In other words, take the time to listen and talk with one another.  In order for this to be successful, we need to choose to be the first to ask questions.  Our questions should be open ended and leave the option for an answer other than the non-communicative “yes” or “no” or “fine”.

Here are some discussion starting questions to help you:

1.  What was something funny that happened to you today?

2.  What news have your heard today?  What did you think about it?

3.  Did you have any good discussions today?  What were they about?

4. What was your favorite part of the day?  Why?

5.  Were there any bad parts to your day?  What happened?


Of course, these won’t fit every situation.  Hopefully, they inspire you to develop your own questions.  It can be tempting to want to ask these questions of yourself and just start talking about you, but that isn’t the point.  You’re choosing to be the conversation starter, not the topic.

“Words from the mouth of the wise are gracious, but fools are consumed by their own lips.”  Ecclesiastes 10:12

Today’s Choice:

Pucker up and K.I.S.S. your spouse, but use words.

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