Making Notes In An Organizer  by Stuart Miles (

We all have a check list in our heads.  When the people we love impress us, we check the good side.  When they fail us, we check the bad side.  Ironically, we open our mouths for commentary more often when the bad side gets marked.

We don’t just mention a current bad moment, like forgetting to take out the trash or balance the check book, we run down the list of all the previous bad moments.  Something could have happened years ago, but once we get going on that bad side, watch out.  We express ourselves with such expressions as, “You never like what I wear” or “You always say that”.

WARNING!  This is a trap!

If we look at the person we love from the bad side of the list, we won’t love them very long.  Everyone has a bad side, including us.  If we seek to focus on the good, the more we say, the better we see them, and they respond to our positive words.

How do we react when someone says something good about us? Praise in the office place creates a better worker; the same can be said for the home.  Our loved ones become better for our recognition.  It works! (But it will take time to seep in, if we’ve previously spent time pointing toward the bad side.)

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” Romans 12:10

Let’s stop the cycle of wrong and remember the good.

What are the good things you enjoy about your spouse?

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