Church at Harper's Ferry, VA by Vic Nanda (Creative Commons)


I’ve wondered why sometimes when I talk with people their eyes glaze over when I mention church or Jesus.  I wonder why I see the vacant smile and nod.

What’s the problem?

People with messed up lives, recognizing the severity of their mess.  They decide to do something different, trust Someone different.  They learn about the details of nature and conclude there must be a Maker.

They dream of companionship and friendship and hope in a hard life. From Him, they get it.  They offer what they receive, not perfectly or graciously sometimes.  They wish they could be perfect and gracious, but they are damaged art looking to become beautiful.

When they open the Bible and seek to understand it, they discover One who already sees their imperfect beauty, who loves the messes they make in spite of the necessary clean up.  He grabs a rag and cleans off the dirt regularly.

He teaches compassion and a willingness to love people who many find un-lovable.  He sets an example to follow, though His followers don’t follow as well as He leads.  He’s strong, powerful, confident.  He loves completely and wants complete trust in return.

As return on investment goes, His followers are raking in reward.

That’s the church and her Savior.  So, why do so many fear or avoid investigation?



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