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My children, my husband, my wife, my friends, my family, my brother, my sister, myself.  Who gets the award for most loved?

As parents, we find ourselves tempted to say, “I love Suzy the most,” assuming our child’s name is Suzy.  It’s a logical statement.  We feed Suzy, we dress Suzy.  When Suzy vomits on our expensive bed cover, we clean up after Suzy. Suzy requires our energy and heart.  She needs us, everyday, all the time.

In marriage, we aspire to say, “I love my husband (or wife) the most.” When we’re in a marriage for the long haul, we want to declare the depths of our love from now until eternity, at least that’s the way the storybooks put it.

Or maybe they don’t.  Many storybooks and movies have people flitting from one relationship to another saying, “I really love him., ” then  moving onto the next person and saying, “I really love him too.” In this situation, who takes first place?

We long to believe it’s possible for everyone to sit in first place.  We tell ourselves it’s possible so often, we start to believe it.  But let’s imagine other life situations.

Someone must go first

  • When walking through a door, someone always goes first.  It’s necessary in order to avoid shoulder jam pain.
  • In a race, runners going at their own natural given speed, eventually one or two end up in the lead.  It’s logical.
  • At a stop light, unless we live in Mexico City, we don’t all stop in pole position. (As my husband, the race fan, calls the front of the line.)
  • In a classroom, even when everyone receives an award, someone’s name gets called first.

It happens all the time, due to space limitations, life experiences, and every boundary we face.  Someone must go first.  Thus, the question gets asked.

Who do you love most?

God tells us how He longs to hear us answer.  He promised to watch our backs and help us, if….and only if, we put Him first.  If you consider the source: Creator of all other loves, master of the emotion of love itself, ultimate example of love.  He has the right to make this request.

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  

Matthew 6:33


Our ability to be faithful in other arenas of life depends on how we respond to His request.

 So, who do you love most?  


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